September 20, 2002 -
Sullivan Indiana.
Photo courtesy of
Larry E. Gilbert.
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Monthly Micro-Trains Club!

April 2003!

Below you will find the new Micro-Train Releases for April. Please e-mail us with your selections by 10:00pm EST 04/03/03. If you would like to visit our website please click here.


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North Carolina State Car
  Road Number NC 1789
This 40’ standard box car with plug door representing the state of North Carolina is car #4 of a 50-car series for each of the 50 states in the union. It is painted dark blue with aluminum sides and sports the dogwood and the cardinal, North Carolina’s official flower and bird. The flag of the state of North Carolina is in the background. The road number 1789 is the year North Carolina was admitted to the Union. P/N #21350

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe

Road Number ATSF 180806
This 33’ twin bay hopper with offset sides is painted box car red and lettered in white with black and white logo. General American Tank Car Company built this 100,000 lb capacity hopper in March 1941. Though the heavy traffic demands of World War II postponed the retirement or rebuilding of many obsolete wood and composite freight cars, these older cars disappeared rapidly as soon as the war ended, and rebuilding projects resumed on a large scale. Many new all-steel cars began to arrive beginning in 1945, and in the late 1940s the Santa Fe augmented the efforts of the commercial car builders by building some new equipment in its own car shops.
P/N #55010
Baltimore & Ohio
P/N #34070
Click photo to see large view
Road Number B&O 471415
This 50’ standard box car with double doors is painted box car red and lettered in white. It was built in November 1959 by B&O in Hamilton, Ohio. It runs on Bettendorf trucks. It is assigned to Sentinel (car load) expedited service. The 15’ doorway does not have uniformly sized doors,
but rather one at 7’ and the other at 8’
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
P/N #20656
Click photo to see large view
Road Number CB&Q 30034

This 40’ Standard box car with single Youngstown door is painted Pullman Green and lettered in white on the sides and ends. It sports the white ‘Way of the Zephyrs’ on one side and ‘Everywhere West’ on the other. It was built in December 1940 by CB&Q’s Havelock shops in Nebraska. It runs on black Allied Full Cushion trucks. One hundred fifty of the first XM-32 Express box cars were given high speed Allied Full Cushion trucks and painted Pullman Green instead of the standard mineral red, identifying them for express service. A shortage of steel halted production of the ‘early’XM-32s in 1942.
Chicago & North Western

P/N #64024
Click photo to see large view

Road Number C&NW 780501
This 57’ 6” converted TOFC trailer, painted reefer yellow with black lettering, was built in February 1976 and serviced in March 1986. It runs on Barber roller bearing trucks. Packaged with this is a C&NW 45’ trailer painted aluminum with black and red lettering and sporting the black, red and white logo. The Chicago & North Western’s predecessors and merged lines include the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha; Minneapolis & St. Louis; Chicago Great Western, known for its early piggyback service; Litchfield & Madison; Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern; and Des Moines & Central Iowa.
Milwaukee Road
P/N #65280
Click photo to see large view
Road Number MILW 908318
This 39’ single dome tank car is painted oxide red with white lettering and runs on Bettendorf trucks. Serviced in December 1977 and assigned for water service only, MILW 908318 was used on special projects or gang service “Maintenance of Way.” Milwaukee was sold to the SOO Line in the early 1980s and was seen on the Wisconsin Line in 1990. This tank car lists its carrying capacity at 11,000 lbs. and a “Maintenance of Way” service date of December 1977.
Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
P/N #105100
Click photo to see large view
Road Number THB 2346
This 50’ steel side, 14 panel, fixed end gondola with white side and end printing. It was built in June 1953 by National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It runs on black Bettendorf trucks. The Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo was incorporated in 1884 under an act of the Ontario Legislature authorizing the construction from Toronto, through Hamilton, to the International Bridge across the Niagara River to Buffalo, New York. The THB later modified its goal and aimed the line to Wellington, Ontario, on the main line of the Michigan Central.
Western Pacific

Road Number WP 26072
This 40’ outside braced box car with single door is painted box car red, lettered in white, and branded with their black and white logo. It runs on Bettendorf trucks. It was built in March 1916 by the Pullman Company and serviced in August 1948. A few of the renumbered road series 26001-26100 were modified with roof hatches for bulk plaster service, although WP 26072 was not equipped as such.
P/N #28170
Coming in May
These must be pre-ordered
Troop Sleeper #9010
P/N 116010.1

Troop Sleeper #9153
P/N 116010.2
Troop Sleeper #9426
P/N 116010.3
Troop Kitchen #K-100
P/N 118010
Announced for Fall
EMD FT A&B Units

Milwaukee Road
Celebrate the Road's WWII-era 'Orange Lightning Stripe' FT
P/N #992 00 091 (Rd #40)
P/N #992 00 092 (Rd #41)
State Series USA FT A Unit From Micro-Trains®

Pre-Order Now thru April 30th
This will not be an Auto-Ship item for States of the Union Series
You MUST CONFIRM this item before April 20, 2003

Micro-Trains® announces the coming release of the exclusive U.S.A. State Series, A Unit, FT Locomotive, as part of the popular N Scale “States of Union” Car Series.

Prototypically accurate grab irons, dynamic brake vents, headlight, and porthole number/detail.
Crisp, accurate paint schemes
5 pole motor with flywheel
Installed MTL Magne-Matic® Couplers
Etched metal side grill detail
DCC ready
Modeler-installed diaphram
P/N # 987 01 501


Icicle Express Holiday Train Set

Taking Pre-Orders!
Pre-order reservations received between February 16, 2003 and April 30, 2003 will be
available for fulfillment expected in October 2003.

GP-20 Locomotive (Life-Like)
40' Standard Box Car, Plug Door
50' Standard Box Car, Plug Door
100 Ton 3-Bay Open Hopper
36' Riveted Steel Side Caboose
Collector's N Scale Set #993 21 711

The above items plus:
Powerpack and Wiring
Oval Track (20" x 31-1/2")
In-track Magne-Matic® Uncoupler
Rerailer Ramp
Modeler's N Scale Set #993 22 711

Collector Set

Modeler Set

Collector Set


Modeler Set

NEW - Kato SD-70 Train Sets
N Scale 'Tabletop' Train Sets

Each Set Includes:
· Locomotive with Magne-Matic® Couplers
· Micro-Trains® Freight Cars and M.O.W. caboose
· Oval Track Layout (22"x 52")
· Magne-Matic® 'In-Track' Uncoupler Rerailer Ramp

• #03-004 BNSF ‘Exec’
• #03-005 BNSF ‘Heritage II’
• #03-006 CSX