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Sullivan Indiana.
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Announced: 8-01-05
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In 1898, Pressed Steel Car Co. built the first all-steel hopper car designated the GL. The Pennsylvania Railroad would purchase several thousand of this design. Due to production backlogs at P.S.C.Co. and flaws in the initial design, the Penny came up with its own all-steel, bottom-discharge hopper car in 1904 designated the GLa. Approximately 30,000 GLa’s were produced between 1904 and 1920. The Pennsy also built GLa’s for numerous coal companies who were anxious for the well-built and reasonably priced cars. Until the 1960’s, this design was one of the three most numerous classes of PRR freight cars. Although by this time, these cars began to rapidly disappear from the PRR roster, a few made it into the Penn Central and even Conrail rosters, lasting into the early 1980’s.
Part #37600   Undecorated    
Part #37603 PRR Plain Keystone
Part #37605 PRR 'Early Lettering'
Part #37606 Pennsylvania Lines
Part #37607 Westmoreland Coal Co.
Part #37608 Berwind - NR&P C.C.Co.
Part #37609 Berwind - NRBX
Part #37610 Penn Gas Coal Co. 
Part #37611 National Mining Company
Part #37612 Jamison Coal & Coke Co.
Part #37613 Keystone Coal & Coke Co.
Part #37614 Panther Creek 
Part #37615 H.C. Frick Coke Company 
Part #37617 AGS "Queen & Crescent Route" 
Part #37618 Alton & Southern
Part #37619 Aluminum Company of 
Part #37620 B&O 
Part #37622 CNO & TP 'Queen & Crescent 
Part #37626 NYC P&LE
Part #37627 NYC PMcK & Y
Part #37628 Penna. Salt & Mfg Co< color=#ff0000>
Part #37629 TSP Co< color=#ff0000>
Part #37630 Westmoreland Coal Company
Part #37631 Canadian National
Part #37632 Berwind 
Part #37636 Rutland
Part #37637 Pa Salt Mfg Co (PSM Co)
Part #37638 C.I. & S. New York Central
Part #37639 L.S. & M.S. New York Central
Part #37640 The ALH & P Co
Part #37641 Thurlow Railway Co
Part #37642 Union Carbide Co Of Canada 
Part #37643 WPT Ry Co
< color="#FFFF00">Second Release
Part #37621 NYC Big Four
Part #37623 Lehigh Valley
Part #37624 Milliken Bros
Part #37625 NY NH & H
Part #37644 Western Maryland
Part #37645 Buffalo Creek & Gauley
< color="#FFFF00">First Release
Part #37601   PRR Circle Keystone -12 road numbers available
Part #37602   PRR Shadow Keystone - 12 road numbers available
Part #37604   Berwind - 3 road numbers available
Part #37616   Canadian National Brown Body - 3 road numbers available
Part #37634   Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh (BR & P Ry) - 3 road numbers available
Part #37635   Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) - 3 road numbers available
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